NFL Alumnus Joe Jacoby New Business Venture

NFL Alumnus Joe Jacoby New Business Venture

Joe Jacoby is back in business in Greater Washington.

The retired offensive lineman for Washington’s NFL team, a member of the original “Hogs” and storied squad that won three Super Bowl titles in the 1980s and ’90s, is preparing to launch a new venture in the region as part of a larger effort to provide job opportunities to former professional athletes.

Jacoby is getting ready to introduce Joe Jacoby Drive 66 Insurance Solutions, an insurance agency that will offer coverage for commercial businesses, home and auto needs, he told me. The business will start as an internet-based model rather than a brick-and-mortar storefront, and will serve Virginia and North Carolina, including the D.C.-metro.

The company is still in the early stages is hoping to go live in the next few weeks.

His business is connected to a bigger initiative to provide jobs to retired athletes and their families, because there are a lot of former players that played when I played and they need the extra source of revenue,” Jacoby said. He’s working with American Integrity Insurance Solutions Inc. — an Agoura Hills, California-based company with offices in Amelia, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina, where Jacoby lives — in its effort.

“So we present an opportunity for them as far as selling the insurance product, and using their contacts that they have acquired being out in the public,” Jacoby said, “basically giving them an opportunity to create and start their own little insurance agency off this other company.”

Jacoby has been meeting with NFL alumni and chapters from the NFL Players Association to explain the model, which requires they get a license to sell insurance in their state. American Integrity Insurance Solutions provides support for these athletes’ businesses, including Jacoby’s, by handling the quoting process and keeping records for them. Because the agency works with more than 20 insurance carriers, the athletes may choose to rely on this assistance or “be the full-fledged agent that handles everything,” Jacoby said.

“I know what it is to be in a small business and the things that you’ve got to do to be successful, and I enjoyed helping out and being part of watching them grow,” Jacoby said.

The ad campaign for his new insurance agency will be predominantly social media-based, he said. But we might see him endorsing another company soon.

Jacoby is still active in the football community, currently volunteering as a coach at a Charlotte high school. He has also maintained a connection to Washington’s NFL team, frequently posting videos with analysis and reaction on his Facebook page ahead of and after games. In addition to football, he’s always had an interest in business, he said.

“I enjoy seeing things developing, trying to bring them together,” Jacoby said. “Not always you’re successful in that aspect, but it’s the excitement of doing that and seeing how it turns out. Some don’t even get off the ground, but I enjoy doing that aspect of it.”

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